Filipina mom comes home after son ‘with club feet’ was taunted and killed by 14 men

The victim’s mom had to kiss her employer’s feet to be allowed to come home. PHOTO: Facebook/ Howie Severino

Filipina overseas worker in Kuwait Luzviminda Siapo came rushing back home last week after she heartbreakingly discovered that her 19-year-old son Raymart was abducted and killed by 14 masked men a day after a neighbor tagged him as a marijuana peddler.

“All it took was a false accusation for these people to murder my son,” Siapo said in a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “They did not bother to investigate, they did not bother to verify. They just killed him.”

Raymart got into an argument with a neighbor, who went to local police authorities to accuse Raymart of many things, such as selling marijuana.

The following night, men on motorbikes came looking for Raymart in their home in Barangay NBBS, Navotas City. They later located him in a friend’s house.

“Witnesses say he was last seen at night being brought by motorcycle to a nearby bridge, and being told to get down,” wrote GMA News reporter Howie Severino in a post that has now gone viral on Facebook.

“’Takbo, takbo (Run, run)!’ his captors taunted. Raymart, who was supposed to start a new job the next day, didn’t run and just sat down. One of the assassins, called a “birador” by the police, shot him below the chin and on the side of his head.”

Raymart was born with two club feet, and couldn’t run even if he wanted.

According to the Navotas police report, the killers shot Raymart twice in the head, and broke his arms too.

Siapao, who is a single parent, had to beg her employers in Kuwait to allow her to leave. The grieving mother was only granted permission to come home after kissing her employer’s feet.

Raymart was buried at Lourdes cemetery in Malabon City yesterday.

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