Duterte on rape joke: I wasn’t joking. I was angry and just used ‘gutter language’

Don’t expect an apology from Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for a remark he made about the Australian missionary who got raped and killed during the 1989 hostage-taking incident at the Davao Penal Colony.

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A video posted on YouTube, shows Duterte speaking to reporters in front of his house in Davao City on Sun, Apr 17.



When asked about the rape joke, Duterte answered, “No, it was not a joke. I said it in a narrative. I was not smiling. I was just talking plain sense narrative.”

He went on to say, “I am sorry in general. I am sorry for the Filipino people. It is my style. It is my mouth. I said that in the heat of anger. But listen to the story behind [it]. ‘Wag kayo basta lang paambak-ambak d’yan (Don’t just jump to conclusions there).”

Duterte further explained, “In my utter anger, gutter language iyan eh (it’s gutter language). Salitang kanto… (Street lingo). Galit ako nun, sabi ko, ‘O, eto, ang ganda ganda pa mukhang artista galing Amerika. Pu****ina, naunahan pa ako!’ Patayin mo lahat (I was angry when I said, ‘Oh, this woman is so beautiful like a movie star from America. Son of whore, why did anyone get ahead of me?’ You want to kill them all. Sa galit iyon (I said that in anger), I was not joking.”

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