Duterte finally apologizes to God

Screenshot via the official Facebook page of the Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines).

Get a load of this guy.

After calling the omnipotent being a “stupid God” last month and challenging His existence last week, Duterte finally apologized to what he called an “all-forgiving” God last night at the Malago Golf Club in Malacañang after meeting with Jesus is Lord church leader Eddie Villanueva.

“Sorry God,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte can be seen saying in a video posted by the official Facebook page of the Presidential Communications Group earlier today.

He said his apology during a conversation with Villanueva, who had asked the president to apologize for his anti-God remarks.

Like his other speeches, the apology was long-winded. And the president’s remorseful attitude did not last long.

In the same conversation with Villanueva, Duterte once again dragged Australian nun Patricia Fox for criticizing the government and having a “foul-mouth.”

“As a religious, she was agitating also everybody there, the strikers. It was a volatile situation,” he said, referring to Fox allegedly joining partisan political activities.

“And I said my God is good, he does not thrive on lies and they never egg people to go to trouble (sic).”

He even imparted his own religious teachings.

“Never use the name of God as a front to attack [the] government because that is not the proper way to do it,” Duterte added. “I’m sure that is not what God wants.”

“You are just a foreigner with the privilege [to stay in the country],” he directed at the 71-year-old nun who has been in the Philippines for 27 years helping the urban poor and farmers. “You better go home.”

Duterte clarified as well that he was only apologizing to God and no one else.

“I only apologize to God. Nobody else. If I wronged God, He would be happy to listen. Why? Because my God is all forgiving … Why? Because God created me to be good and not to do bad,” Duterte added.

It was reported that hours before the dinner, Duterte reiterated to a group of reporters in an event in Clark, Pampanga that he wouldn’t apologize for his controversial “stupid God” remark as “a matter of principle.”

Another item to add to his many cases of flip-flopping?

On Monday, Duterte supposedly promised the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines that he will stop talking about the Church but just a day after, he threatened religious leaders who continue to criticize him.

Last week, Duterte vowed to resign and step down from the presidency if anyone could prove that God existed. And lo and behold, Twitter God made His presence known.

Apology accepted? Let’s see what God tweets next.

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