Dude celebrates pal’s birthday by putting up her photos in Zamboanga City

Photos: Ar-j Santa Maria/FB
Photos: Ar-j Santa Maria/FB

Birthday celebrations in the Philippines have become simpler since the pandemic struck, but a Zamboanga  City resident thought of a unique way to mark his close friend’s special day.

Ar-j Santa Maria went all over his hometown late last month to put up the birthday posters of his friend Restie Camahalan, who turned 24 years old.

Santa Maria, also 24, wrote a post about his stunt, telling his college friend that he was “very proud” of her and that he wanted the entire Zamboanga City to know that it was her birthday.

“My birthday wish is that you continue being a very happy person. You bring such good vibes especially when you smile and laugh. I hope you appreciate this. Enjoy your day,” Santa Maria wrote in his post, which has been shared almost 57,000 times since it appeared.

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Camahalan’s picture was even posted next to a sign that warns the public against littering and peeing in the area. Santa Maria wrote, “Of course, I posted it here so that those who are daring enough to throw their trash will know that it’s  your birthday today.”

Santa Maria told Coconuts Manila on Facebook Messenger that he and Camahalan have known each other for four years. He did the stunt because he wanted to do something memorable for his pal.

“I wanted a good idea before her birthday. I didn’t want to write the typical [Facebook] post saying ‘Happy birthday.’ I want[ed] something different so I really pushed for this. My cousin was with me when I was putting them up but I was the only one who posted [them on the walls] because he was embarrassed,” Santa Maria said.

“I had just four copies [of the poster]. I would paste it on a wall then remove it because we might get called out [by the authorities],” he added.

His friend was “so happy” about the stunt, which she learned after seeing Santa Maria’s Facebook post.

“At first she was shocked then she just kept laughing at home,” Santa Maria said about Camahalan.


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