‘Nanaginip ba ako?’: Can somebody tell us what’s going on in this fintech app ad

Screengrab from “Ang Utang ni Tatang”
Screengrab from “Ang Utang ni Tatang”

The ad agency people are smoking something again, because mobile app company DiskarTech has just released this bizarre ad on their Facebook page, and we don’t know what’s going on.

Titled “Ang Utang ni Tatang”, the ad features two farmers talking about their financial future…and that’s where all semblance of normalcy ends. We’ll only say that there is a poor carabao who has been forced into much more labor than a beast of burden should have to endure, and then leave you to watch the video here:



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As far as we can tell from their website, Diskarte is a mobile app that enables users to do a whole range of financial transactions online. The ad itself says users can also apply for loans, though we are still unclear whether we have to have a carabao before doing so.

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