Construction worker arrested for catcalling woman in Quezon City

Photo: Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.

Way to play into stereotypes, man.

A construction worker has been arrested in Quezon City for catcalling a woman on the street.

Multiple reports from today identified the guy as Jay Ar Cabesas, 20 years old. The incident allegedly happened on Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, Novaliches.

The woman, an unidentified 22-year-old communications manager, was apparently just playing with her dogs outside her house when Cabesas went up to her and allegedly wolf whistled, ABS-CBN News reported.

And he did not stop there.

He also allegedly said: “Hello ate! Beh, ano pangalan ng aso mo? Sana aso na lang ako! Ano cellphone number mo? Akin na lang cp number mo?

Which translates to: “Hello! Babe, what’s your dog’s name? I wish I were a dog instead. What’s your cellphone number? Give me your cp number?”

Someone get this guy a decent wingman.

Not only was that not smooth, but it was also in direct violation of Quezon City’s Anti-Catcalling Ordinance.

The ordinance was signed into law in 2016. It prohibits cursing, catcalling, asking a person for a date or for their contact number multiple times, and taunting a woman with sexual remarks among other offenses. Violators could be fined PHP1,000 (US$19.27) to PHP5,000 (US$96.35) or be jailed for up to one month.

A similar ordinance was introduced in the city of Manila last year.

The victim turned to mobile patrol policemen from the city’s Police Station 4, leading to the guy’s arrest, the Manila Bulletin reported. Cabesas was immediately brought to the Novaliches Police’s Women and Children’s Protection Desk and was charged with violating the Anti-Catcalling Ordinance.

Cabesas, however, denied the accusations, according to ABS-CBN News. He has been released from jail while preliminary investigations are ongoing but he could face up to one month in jail if found guilty.

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