Caught on video: Man in Muntinlupa City beating up toddler

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It took a viral video to put a stop to the abuse that a man in Muntinlupa City had been inflicting on his kids — two toddlers, a girl and a boy.

A concerned neighbor had taken a video of the man as he beat up his son. For what seemed like an eternity, the man slapped, punched, and kicked the little boy. At one point, he even told the child, “Gusto mong patayin na kita (Do you want me to kill you)?”

After the man was done beating up his son, he started hurting his daughter.

Once the video was uploaded, personnel from  Muntinlupa City’s Social Services Department, rescued the two kids. The father was taken to jail but he was later set free as there was no case filed against him. He has now gone into hiding.

To make sure that the suspect stays in jail once he is recaptured, Alicia Mostrales, the suspect’s own mother, decided to file a case against him. “Masakit po talagang makita na ganoon ang ginagawa ng sarili kong anak sa mga apo ko (It really breaks my heart to see my own son doing that to my grandchildren).”

According to the suspect’s neighbors, the kids’ mother had fled from their home because she, too, was being regularly beaten up by her husband. The neighbors said they didn’t want to get into a fight with the suspect, whom they tagged as a drug addict, so they just decided to catch him in the act of hurting his kids. —from a TV Patrol report




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