Basketball coach LA Mumar earns praise for refusing to skip vaccine line

Basketball coach LA Mumar (left) and his brother Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto. Photos: Mumar/FB; Sotto/FB
Basketball coach LA Mumar (left) and his brother Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto. Photos: Mumar/FB; Sotto/FB

Faith in humanity restored!

Basketball coach LA Mumar said yesterday that he would not skip the vaccine line just because his half-brother Vico Sotto is the mayor of Pasig City.

“I rarely post anything political but to all of you asking/wondering why my wife and I have not been vaccinated yet since my brother is the Mayor. My mom didn’t skip the line, Vico didn’t skip the line, why would I?” Mumar said in a social media post.

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Image from Mumar's Twitter account
Image from Mumar’s Twitter account

“They said it’s OK because it’s life and death? So what? Shouldn’t we hold on to our values more, when things are difficult? What will I tell my children? It’s OK to do something illegal because it’s convenient?” he asked.

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“I’m not a mayor like my bro, but we can do our part and choose what is right. One person, one family at a time. There is hope for our country!” he said

Several people have reportedly skipped the vaccine line by pretending that they have comorbidities. Tim Yap, an event organizer, had himself inoculated because he reportedly has hypertension, but people found an old photo of him which shows the perennial quarantine rule-breaker eating what appears to be lechon or roasted pork. And as any physician can attest, wolfing down lechon is a sure-fire way to shoot one’s blood pressure up.

But it’s not just Yap whom people are calling out. There were also some Filipinos who got the COVID vax because they were reportedly relatives or buddies of local government officials, which makes Mumar’s statement even more admirable.

The 31-year-old Sotto said this week that their mother, actress Connie Reyes, has yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine, in an effort to emphasize that no one can use their connections in Pasig City to skip the vaccine line. Sotto has earned much praise for the way he has managed Pasig, especially after he won an award from the United States government for being an “anti-corruption champion.” Filipinos have been egging him to run for president, but the law bars anyone under the age of 40 from running for the position.

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