‘Basag Kotse’ gang strikes again in Pasig

It took only a moment for robbers to take away valuables of a man who parked his car to get cash from an ATM.

“A manager of a private company was victimized by suspected members of the ‘Basag Kotse Gang’ while withdrawing money from an ATM outlet in Pasig City on Tuesday,” reports Arlene Rivera of People’s Journal.

Investigators said Roderico Estanislao parked his Mitsubishi Pajero in front of a building along C. Raymundo Avenue around 11pm to use an ATM nearby. When he was about to enter his vehicle moments later, Estanislao noticed that the window was smashed open and his valuables were taken away.

The victim lost a laptop, other valuables and several documents.

Photo by Daniel Ramirez from Wikipedia

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