Armed man killed by police after attempting to enter Archbishop’s Palace in Cebu

Photo via ABS-CBN News.

Police shot dead an armed assailant who attempted to enter the Archbishop’s Palace in Cebu City earlier today, reports stated.

A security guard said the man headed for the gate and refused to stop when security personnel requested him to, ABS-CBN News reported.

CNN Philippines reported that the unidentified man, who was aboard a motorcycle when he went to the compound, was reportedly looking for Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma. He was told that Palma was out of town and returned to his motorcycle.

Security thought he looked suspicious and called the police for backup. When the police arrived, they asked the man to raise his hands but he allegedly refused and opened fire instead, leading to a shootout with authorities in the parking area.

According to the same CNN Philippines report, at least 14 empty shells have been found on the scene.

Church officials have yet to release a statement on the incident.

There have been three priests killed since December, the latest one being Father Richmond Nilo from the Diocese of Cabanatuan who was shot when he was about to celebrate mass.

Local clergymen have called out Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to stop his tirades against the church, and yesterday, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the president has agreed to finally put an end to his rants after a one-on-one meeting with Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines President Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao.

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