Alert: 6 air fresheners you shouldn’t be using, according to FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has named six air fresheners that people should avoid because they did not pass government standards.

These products also and pose imminent hazards and danger to both human and animal health, according to The Philippine Star.

—Die Zhuang Jasmine Perfume Air Freshener 470ml green pressurized can
—Die Zhuang Lemon Perfume Air Freshener 470ml yellow pressurized can
—Stick On-Car Air Freshener Lavender 35g plastic jar
—Wanjia Air Freshener Lemon 2x60g yellow plastic jar enclosed in cardboard packaging material
—Wanjia Air Freshener Jasmine 60g plastic jar with green cap
—Wanjia Air Freshener Lavender 60g purple plastic jar

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