2 startups dedicated to empowering and improving services for OFWs finally team-up

It’s about time things like BeamAndGo and HelperChoice come to life. These are two Asian-based websites that provide hardworking OFWs the kind of support and service they deserve.

BeamAndGo is an SG-based startup that allows OFWs to remit their hard-earned money by way of vouchers — this means that the hassles that come with remitting cold hard cash is eliminated, pronto.

Founded by Singapore-based Filipino-Chinese Jonathan Chua in 2014, BeamAndGo aims to give workers a tool to manage their money. “The way cash remittance service works now is it empowers the recipient. We want to empower the sender instead,” he told Joanna Seow of the StraitsTimes.

These vouchers can be used to redeem pretty much anything — from health cards to t-shirts to mobile phone loads.

HelperChoice meanwhile is almost like LinkedIn in that it’s been connecting domestic helpers with possible employers in over 20 countries world wide. They’ve been doing that, free of charge since 2012.

“Our helper members know we are working to disrupt the industry and make illegal fees and charges obsolete,” says Laurence Fauchon, founder of HelperChoice.

It was really only about time before the two teamed up together to provide more OFWs with safer and better remittance services. And now, they have.

According to BeamAndGo’s Chua, “HelperChoice and BeamAndGo share the same commitment to ethical business. The main purpose of the partnership is to improve the welfare of OFWs and their families back home.”

“Our partnership with BeamAndGo complements our helper empowerment strategy perfectly,” Fauchon adds. “We help domestic workers save illegal agency fees so they can provide for their families, not to waste their earnings.

“Sending cash home is inefficient, expensive and open to misuse. Now our members have access to a modern, safe remittance service where they can choose how and where the funds are distributed.”

The partnership is particularly suitable for domestic workers who do not have credit cards or access to online banking.

About time really that such services proliferate and grow. 

Visit BeamAndGo and HelperChoice for more details.

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