Viral: Boy band Upgrade does the ‘Trumpets Challenge’

#TrumpetsChallenge is the latest craze, started by Vice Ganda on the musical variety show It’s Showtime.

In the tradition of other viral dance trends like the Running Man and the more popular Harlem Shake, performers would break into a high-energy dance routine on cue, which in this case is Sean Paul’s hit “Trumpets.”

As expected, videos started popping up all over social media and blog sites. People did it for fun. They showed off their dance skills and challenged others to do the same.

Now, here’s something which we think overshadows all the others.

Four days ago, members of the YouTube all-Pinoy boy band Upgrade shared their version of the dance. It now has more than 170,000 shares.

They’ve got skills for sure, but that’s not the only thing which stood out. We’re sure they wore boxer shorts to make it easier for them to grind.

This might be the group’s greatest hit yet.


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