‘Still Watching?’ Here’s a roundup of prime Pinoy content premiering on Netflix this June

From 2019 thriller Sunod <i>Photo: Netflix Philippines</i>
From 2019 thriller Sunod Photo: Netflix Philippines

Are you still watching? Is the question you’ve no doubt seen popping on your screen the last time you’ve binge-watched the entire series of The Last Dance and Tiger King (no need for guilt, we’ve all been there). But with endless weeks under lockdown, what else is there to stream on Netflix?

Good question, and coincidentally, we have all the answers—at least, as far as Filipino-made or acted content is concerned. Here’s a rundown of what to look out for, premiering on the streaming site next month.

Pinoy Sunday by Wi Ding Ho

Premieres: June 5, Friday
Cast: Bayani Agbayani, Epi Quizon, Meryll Soriano

A Taiwanese comedy-drama that features the adventures of two Filipino workers in Taipei (Agbayani, Quizon) with aggressively Pinoy names: Dado Tagalog, Manuel dela Cruz. The pair find an abandoned couch by the curb one Sunday and go through all the range of human emotions as they try to hike it back to their apartment. It should be noted that both Agbayani and Quizon are arguably two of the best actors in the country who can stealthily shift from comedy to drama, and this movie directed by Wi Ding Ho should have you laughing and crying in the same sitting.


Sunod by Carlo Ledesma

Premieres: June 14, Sunday
Cast: Carmina Villaroel, Mylene Dizon, Susan Africa

An entry and the only horror film to make it to last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, Sunod follows the story of Olivia (Villaroel), a single mom struggling to pay her sick daughter’s medical bills by working long nights at a mysterious telemarketing firm. The firm is so mysterious that she soon finds herself dealing with hair-raising ghostly encounters. If director Carlos Ledesma’s credentials are anything to go by, then it’s worth noting that the man won the best short film award for The Haircut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.


Lola Igna by Eduardo Roy, Jr.

Premieres: June 18, Thursday
Cast: Angie Ferro, Meryll Soriano, Yves Flores

Follows a potty-mouthed, stubborn lola (“grandma”) who is eagerly anticipating her death, just as neighbors make a fuss about her winning the title of the oldest living grandmother in the world. The comedy-drama sees the titular lead character Lola Igna (Ferro) bonding with her estranged great-great-grandson, an aspiring vlogger who wants in on his lola’s newfound fame, while unexpectedly giving her a reason to live. Sniff.

Untrue by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Premieres: June 22, Monday
Cast: Cristine Reyes, Xian Lim

This 2019 indie-thriller darling follows two Pinoy transplants working in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where the couple meet and spark a whirlwind romance that ends in marriage. But because this isn’t a rom-com, it doesn’t end there. Things go awry when Mara (Reyes) ends up seeking the help of Georgian police against husband Joachim’s (Lim) domestic abuse. What follows is a whodunnit, he-said, she-said retelling that should have you biting your nails (don’t, though).


Ordinary Family by Eduardo Roy, Jr.

Premieres: TBA
Cast: Ronwaldo Martin, Hasmine Kilip, Maria Isabel Lopez

Another outing by director Eduardo Roy Jr., 2016’s Pamilya Ordinaryo (“Ordinary Family”) follows teenage parents Jane (Kilip) and Aries (Martin), who make a living off the streets by stealing. Tables are turned though when their baby goes missing, and the down-on-their-luck couple does everything they can to get the kid back. The thriller-drama also won the best film award at the Cinemalaya Film Fest in 2016.

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