Lucky Kid! Rollerblading delivery student gets free bike from Gretchen Ho

Photo: Gretchen Ho/FB
Photo: Gretchen Ho/FB

A Grade 12 student who uses roller skates to deliver goods was gifted a bike by Gretchen Ho, the television presenter said today.

Kean Arcilla Ramos, 18, became internet-famous this week after he was spotted in Muntinlupa skating his way to a customer. He said he decided to sell coffee and chocolate jelly because his ailing father had to stop working as a driver due to the COVID-19 quarantines.

“I started it using my own money because my father had to stop driving. No one will pay our bills, and they all piled up because of the lockdown,” he told ABS-CBN News in English and Filipino.

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It was Kean’s mother, Cherry Ramos, who took his photo while rollerblading, and her post has been shared online for almost 3,700 times. The photos led to a deluge of customers, but it also gained a lot of sympathy from strangers who felt sorry for the teenager for not owning his own delivery bike.

“My mama loves to take pictures of me because she’s proud of what I’m doing. I get annoyed that she likes to take photos of me then she’d upload it on Facebook,” he complained.

But thanks to Cherry’s post, Ho learned about Kean’s story, and decided to give him a bicycle. To help workers impacted by the pandemic, Ho promised to give free bikes to Filipinos, and Kean is the first recipient.

“His father became ill which is why he decided to work. But he doesn’t have a driver’s license yet! That’s why he uses rollerblades for his coffee jelly business,” Ho said in her announcement.

Awww! Props to you Gretchen and congrats, Kean. Keep working hard!



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