Lea Salonga voted as favorite theater actress, calls for the need for ‘human decency’

Lea Salonga was chosen by readers of BroadwayWorld as their favorite actress in a musical. Photo via ABS-CBN.

Singer and theater actress Lea Salonga has just added another feather to her cap.

The Tony Award-winner was chosen earlier this week by readers of Broadway World as their favorite featured actress based on her performance in the musical Once on This Island. 

In it, Salonga plays an island goddess who helps the protagonist reunite with the love of her life.

Broadway World is a United States-based website that features the latest in theater-related news.

Salonga gushed about her win. She posted on Twitter: “Thanks to all our fans for all the island love!”

Salonga made more buzz on Twitter after her win when she commented on the need for discourse without resorting to personal attacks.

Minutes after her “thank you” tweet, she wrote: “I want to believe that at the end of the day, human decency and kindness will prevail.”

“I want to have faith that intelligent discourse (sans ad hominem attacks) is possible, folks passionately and vigorously arguing their points without hurling insults or making threats,” she continued to say in another tweet.

Salonga has always been a vocal observer of current events in the Philippines. She’s also a strong supporter of LGBT rights in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Before returning to Broadway last year, she was one of the celebrity coaches in the reality show The Voice of the Philippines, a local version of the international franchise.

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