Five steps to the best barkada trip ever


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There’s never been a better time to fulfill your wanderlust. There are affordable flights and countless tips online, and certain apps that make planning so easy and stress-free. And with Holy Week coming up in a few weeks, you’ll need all of these in your arsenal to make your holiday with your family or barkada extra enjoyable.

Let Coconuts Manila break down the holiday planning process into five easy-to-follow steps, so you can turn that travel inspo in your Instagram feed into a beautiful reality:

1. Download a reliable travel app. The Traveloka App should be on every serious traveler’s mobile device. The app’s features and attention to detail will give even your most “O.C.” ka-barkada a run for her money. Basically, it’s the online travel agency of your dreams.

After downloading the app, key in where you want to go, and let Traveloka App work its magic. The innovative travel company has partnerships with over 70 airlines serving more than 100,000 routes throughout Asia Pacific and Europe. You can also browse listings of over 100,000 hotels worldwide, and pay via a secure payment system.

The app has been downloaded over 10 million times to date. Its ease of use and “no hidden fees” features are just some of the qualities that make it so attractive for flight and hotel bookings. It also offers a 24/7 call center service, and can even switch between different languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese – how’s that for support?

2. Lock down a date and destination. Check with your travel companions: What dates are you looking at? Is the goal of the trip to simply chill? Or squeeze in some adventure? The Traveloka App has an in-app ability that compares different flights and schedules. You can even re-schedule your trip and have the app make the necessary arrangements for you. Then, you can set reminders to make sure your friends all make it to the airport on time. It’s like your personal concierge and nagging tita in one!

3. Decide on your budget. How much can everyone afford, including airfare and accommodations? This is another reason to use Traveloka, as you’re likely to get the best prices around. Like we said, Traveloka bears no hidden fees. And we love the price alert feature, which sounds the alarm when better deals are available Here’s an insider tip: the prices on the app are sometimes even cheaper! They offer app-only promotions and discounts, as well.

4. Get everybody to pay. With Traveloka, you don’t have to worry about that one friend who doesn’t have a credit card, or who’s squeamish about paying online. The company is partners with reputable payment facilities like Visa, MasterCard and Dragonpay, as well as major banks like BPI, Metrobank, Chinabank and Landbank. A simple trip to 7-Eleven and BDO can also do, as payments via are also possible. Once payments are processed, an e-ticket or voucher will be sent to you. Easy-peasy!

5. Plan wardrobe and essentials. This of course depends on where you’re going. Is it to the beach? The mountains? A more urbane setting such as Singapore? Are there dress requirements at your destination, such as headscarves for women? Find out and pack accordingly. Don’t forget to bring any emergency medication like asthma inhalers, allergy meds, epi-pens, etc. Also, factor in luggage weight and transport from the airport to your hotel. For example, it can be very awkward to carry a bulky suitcase on a small outrigger boat! Think ahead and remind your friends of these little details.

Download the Traveloka App now and all you’ll need to remember is your camera and phone chargers. Because, you know: groufies.

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