Filipino VJ turned political blogger thinks fat-shaming is a good idea

In a now-deleted Facebook post that went viral over the weekend, former Filipino VJ turned political blogger (and staunch supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte), Franco Mabanta said that he is now in favor of fat-shaming.

While we can no longer embed the photo he posted on April 8, thank goodness technology has granted us the power to keep receipts.

Take it away, people of the internet:

Screenshot courtesy of Alex Y. Vergara / Facebook

He wrote:

“After long and thorough thought, I’ve decided that I’m 100% in favor of fat-shaming. I think the world would be a better place if all these weak minds that are captive to their bad food habits were constantly told to get off their fucking couches and stop being little bitches.

Nothing motivates people to get into shape like insecurity. Not vanity, not health, not personal records, not clinical narcism — NOTHING. Also, painstakingly sick of 2018 political correctness and all this “I’m offended” bullshit. And, come on. The internet has provided us all with a seemingly endless array of tried-and-tested diets and literally thousands of different kinds of exercises. With all this data at your finger tips, choosing not to even try is tantamount to obscene levels of laziness and/or stupidity.

You got one body. Take care of it.”

Let’s unpack that, shall we?

He thinks obese/overweight people have “weak minds that are captive to their bad food habits.”

Guess he doesn’t know about the many possible causes of weight gain like hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), or side-effects due to necessary medication.

“Nothing motivates people to get into shape like insecurity. Not vanity, not health, not personal records, not clinical narcism”

Any verified data or source to support that claim?

“Also, painstakingly sick of 2018 political correctness and all this ‘I’m offended’ bullshit.”

There is a difference between being politically correct and being a decent human being. Just sayin’.

On April 13, the woman in Mabanta’s photo — “sportscaster, bodybuilding bikini athlete,” and self-proclaimed “God’s Soldier,” Thistle Guevara — addressed the viral post.

Apparently, people have been asking her to call Mabanta out, but she said doing so is “not [her] thing.”

Guevara wrote:

“I am in a Facebook post that is circulating like wildfire right now with a fat-shaming caption.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries if I agree with fat-shaming.

Of course I do not.

I truly believe Franco used our picture because he admires my work ethic [especially] with fitness.

I am glad he did not claim my opinions were the same as his.

It just so happened that people from all walks of life, regardless of race, political and religious views, have come together to admire my achievements because I am just so deeply passionate about fitness.

People are asking me to fight or call him out for fat shaming. It’s just not my thing. I like my opinions to be respected hence I got no energy to meddle with people’s opinions. I’d rather stay in my little own world to motivate.

I do as how I want to be treated, and that is letting me mind my own business.

People ask how I can be friends with people who have different views. One, there is a thing called respect and minding your own business. Two, I have no reason to be mean to people who are good to me.

I have been 1) fat-shamed, 2) skinny-shamed, 3) muscle-shamed (if there is such a word lol) so advice: if you feel hurt someone did it to you. Do not fight these people. Rather, be immune and empower yourself.”

While his friend couldn’t call him out, netizens had no problem giving Mabanta a piece of their minds. Just look at some people’s reactions below:

Perhaps Mabanta felt the backlash and took down his own post, perhaps he started to realize there was something wrong with what he said. But until an apology is made, we’ll never really know for sure.

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