Filipino Christmas traditions showcased in Disney UK’s holiday ad

Screenshot from Disney UK YouTube
Screenshot from Disney UK YouTube

Respect for the elderly is important in Filipino culture and this, along with our holiday traditions, is showcased in Disney United Kingdom’s official Christmas advertisement, which was launched yesterday.

Using the touching song “Love is a Compass,” the three-minute video starts in 1940s Philippines, where a young girl receives a Mickey Mouse gift from her grandfather in the middle  of a street bedecked in parol (Christmas star lantern).

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The story then continues in a home in 2005, where the girl, now a grandmother (“Lola“), gives the Mickey Mouse toy to her grandchild. The girl grows up into a young woman and loses interest in the toy. Lola is bereft upon realizing this, but her granddaughter makes up for it by lighting up their home in parol, which reminds the elderly woman of her hometown in the Philippines.

The advert has been viewed almost 394,000 times, and has received 14,000 likes as of writing.


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