Fashion designer Veejay Floresca was denied entrance to a BGC club twice because of her gender identity?

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[UPDATE 8:42pm]: Coconuts Manila was able to talk to Veejay Floresca late Sunday afternoon, and she mentioned that she was only allowed to enter the club upon showing her ID that states here gender as female. This is the second time that an incident like this has happened to her, she says. “They weren’t naman bastos,” she tells Coconuts Manila, but that it was “dehumanizing” to hear the bouncer tell another security personnel, dismissively, “lalaki pa rin yan.”   

On Saturday night, Veejay went to The Palace to attend a birthday party at Valkyrie, one of several establishments in the compound. A bouncer at the door refused her entrance. She showed him her California ID that indicated Floresca was female. The bouncer and another security personnel, a female, had a discussion, after which the latter allowed her in.

Saturday night’s incident is the second time Floresca has been refused entry to the club. The first time, just one week ago, was with a different set of security personnel following the same protocol. “Kaloka, sis. Paano na lang yung iba na walang ID,” Floresca asks. “Kawawa naman.”

During the first incident, Floresca was with a fellow transgender, Trixie Maristela, who was refused entry because she didn’t have an ID — “and she was with her boyfriend pa, ha,” Floresca points out.

After the first incident, Geena Rocero requested for a meeting with Valkyrie management. “The meeting was supposed to happen Saturday,” Floresca says, but management postponed it to the 29th. It will be comprised of transgender leaders, activists, and the board of Valkyrie.

But while Floresca had been allowed entrance after presenting her ID, she mentions “that’s not the issue. The ID helped but it’s really the policy that they have. Paano na lang yung iba na walang ID? Where’s the fair and square policy?”

Coconuts Manila has already sent messages to The Palace, where Valkyrie is located. We are still waiting for their reply.  

Transgender fashion designer Veejay Floresca was denied entrance Saturday night to the uber hip, party-forward compound, and apparently, this isn’t the first time it happened.

According to a Facebook post of TED talker and Filipina transgender Geena Rocero, Veejay wasn’t allowed to enter because of their “no crossdresser policy.”

“They told her even though she showed her California ID with female name and gender marker, ‘lalaki pa din yan,’” Rocero writes.

She continues: Tim Yap, Neil Arce, Valkyrie owners and management, be embarrassed of yourselves. The trans community is ANGRY because of the way you treat us. You acknowledged that this “no crossdresser policy” being enforced on transwomen/gender non-conforming people as urgent but you don’t act on it. This bullshit has to stop now.”

It seems however, that cooler minds prevailed last night. On a separate Facebook post, Floresca writes: “What happened to me last night was very sad. I still can’t believe that some people still think transgenders as crossdressers. We should not dehumanize people because of their decisions to be themselves. I want this to change. Let’s hope that the meeting next week will give a positive outcome for everyone.”

Floresca was at the new BGC club to attend a birthday party, but the narrow-minded door bitches decided to rain on the parade. We’ve gotten in touch with Floresca and Tim Yap to know more about the incident. We are waiting for both their replies.


TransPinay/LGBT Filipinos. SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE. Last night sister Veejay Floresca went to Valkyrie, the Palace,…

Posted by Geena Rocero on Saturday, 20 June 2015



What happened to me last night was very sad. I still can’t believe that some people still think transgenders as…

Posted by Veejay Floresca on Sunday, 21 June 2015




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