DIY Flicks: Digital shows lets you play pop idol and romcom god while cooped up at home

Still from Ghost of the Past <i>Screengrab via Pilikula YouTube</i>
Still from Ghost of the Past Screengrab via Pilikula YouTube

If you’re a young person with a penchant for tween flicks and cooped up at home deciding how to distract yourself from the pandemic, interactive digital shows from PILIKula (portmanteau for “choose” and “film”) and MNL48 Presents might just be useful choices to pass the time.

PILIKula, which is rolling out a series of digital film shorts, lets viewers pick the lead stars through the KUMU app, and dictate what action they want the characters to play out by selecting scenes from a list of stories each week. The digital short, pieced together based on winning votes, will then be uploaded on the app and PILIkula’s YouTube channel every Friday.

Here’s a preview of what that looks like from PILIkula’s pilot 20-minute digital short Ghost of the Past.

The film stars newcomers Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza and is about a student assistant who accidentally bumps into her former flame who ghosted her months earlier (bastard). How the plot progresses is based entirely on fans’ votes.

Meanwhile, MNL48 Presents allows fans to vote for a pop “idol” which will star in an upcoming series that will be streamed in the same app and MNL48’s YouTube page every month.

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I-dol is about a superfan who creates an imaginary perfect idol (very meta), but encounters some hiccups along the way. Like PILIkula, the show’s characters and plots are dependent on fans’ popular votes.

See if this is your cup of tea by clicking on the sneak peak below.



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