Deniece takes her fight vs. Vhong…to Instagram

So, what do you do when the whole country is already talking about you? You go back to Instagram?

“Two days after she filed a rape case against actor Vhong Navarro, model Deniece Cornejo is active again on social media, Instagram in particular, where she continues to speak on her alleged plight,” reports

Cornejo has posted some statement which, naturally, people assume are about her ongoing case. Her January 30 post, reads: “Kung ako instrumento upang maging ehemplo sa mga kababaihan na maging matatag sa naabuso,nasasaktan at nasasamantalahan. Paglalaban ko at paninindigan. – Deniece Cornejo” Translation: “If I am to be made an instrument to serve as an example for women who are abused, hurt, and raped, I will fight and stand fast.”

By the way, Cornejo offers this description of herself on her page: “Producer. motivational Speaker. Classic lover. Entrepreneur. Modelstylist. Style ambassador Product endorser. Wanna be a chemist.”

In case you were living under a rock the past week: Vhong Navarro was tied up, blindfolded, and beaten inside a BGC condo. He blurted out two names: Deniece Cornejo, no relations to Wency Cornejo, and Cedric Lee. It’s become quite a mess, along the lines of a he said/they said variety, so we listed the 10 things we’d like to know about it.

Photo from Deniece Cornejo’s Instagram page



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