Deniece Cornejo has a billboard, y’all!

It has happened! Someone finally took the bait and took advantage of Deniece’s notoriety – by getting her as an endorser. And giving her a billboard!

Racer has just put up a billboard featuring the controversial (alleged) rape victim somewhere in Valenzuela (according to Sanya Lopez, who posted this photo in Instagram).

After a few clicks, we discovered that Racer Camisa shot Deniece about a month ago. Enjoy the following behind-the-scenes photos from the Facebook page of Trendsetter Production.

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One thought on “Deniece Cornejo has a billboard, y’all!

  1. You appear so "traumatized" Deniece.
    Nice to know you overcame your "rape" issues in a span of one month. Vhong, sadly, has not recovered as well as you have. TSK TSK TSK!

    Given the benefit of the doubt, you were probably raped before Deniece. But not by Vhong. KALOKA!

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