Comedian unleashes savage tweet aimed at jailed former senator Bong Revilla

Photo: Ethel Booba’s Facebook account
Photo: Ethel Booba’s Facebook account

Comedian Ethel Booba (real name: Ethyl Gabison) loves to post savage tweets aimed at politicians and the recently concluded filing of official candidacies gave her the opportunity to unleash her funniest jabs.

Perhaps her best tweet was one that appeared yesterday that was aimed at former Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., insinuating that he should get a clearance from the country’s investigating agency, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), before running for the Senate.

Revilla has been jailed for plunder but is seeking a return to the Senate. His application was filed yesterday by his wife, Bacoor Mayor Lani Mercado.

Anyway, Ethel retweeted a CNN Philippines tweet announcing Mercado filing Revilla’s candidacy. She then wrote in Filipino: “Please get an NBI clearance at counter 6. Joke!”

A Filipino applies for an NBI clearance to prove that he has a clean criminal record. It’s required by many private companies and government ministries from job applicants.

Knowing Revilla’s background, Ethel is probably referring to his plunder case. Even her followers seem to think so.

@RicoinAsia agrees with Ethel and believes a clearance should be a requirement from aspiring politicians to prove that they have never been indicted for corruption.

@ohnoonoo can’t seem to believe that someone who has been jailed for a corruption case like Revilla can still run for public office.

He wrote: “Only in the Philippines. He (Revilla) has a case and in jail but he can still run [for senator].”

Despite being imprisoned, the Commission on Elections said Revilla could still run in the elections.

Meanwhile @earnestviewer thinks its unfair that “ordinary mortals” are required to get several clearances before they could be accepted for a job, while wanna-be politicians are not required to do so.

@SeaCrux is obviously not an admirer of the Revillas. He wrote: “The nerve of the Revillas, they are shameless [for running in office].”

Revilla and Mercado’s son Jolo is Cavite province’s vice governor. The family patriarch Ramon Sr. was also a senator.

Do you think people with pending cases should be forbidden from running for public office? Leave your comments below or tweet to @CoconutsManila.

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