6 ways Manila’s millennial men are breaking down gender stereotypes

Photo: Unsplash – Renata Fraga
Photo: Unsplash – Renata Fraga



There was a time not so long ago when Filipino men wouldn’t be caught dead in anything remotely “girly.” Now, we wouldn’t look twice at a dude in a messy man bun with a colorful pineapple tattoo poking out from the low cut neckline of his pink tank top. Well, we might stop to check out his awesome style.

Indeed, Pinoy guys have come a long way. It might be a response to the build-up of toxic masculinity, or it might just be because guys realized how much fun Pilates is and how good you feel after a nice cry. Who knows? What we do know is that guys have evolved, and we’re here for it.

Photo: Unsplash - Victor Freitas
Photo: Unsplash – Victor Freitas

There’s (way) more than one ideal physique and working out isn’t just about weightlifting.

Remember when guys were insanely comparing who’s got the bigger package? (No, not that.) We mean their build: you know…big arms, wide shoulders, and legs the size of tree trunks. Thankfully, mens’ fitness trends have eased up on the ideal figure. From thin and lean, to a hefty, healthy dad bod, it’s all good.

No more are massive barbells and a bench press the only way for dudes to enjoy the gym. Now, there’s crossfit gyms that make you lean, yoga studios that bring out your inner zen-liness, and even pole dancing classes that don’t discriminate one bit. Or could this all be the result of men’s jeans getting skinnier and skinnier? We think there’s some weight to that conspiracy theory!

Guys care about what goes in their bod. No, not beer — we’re talking nutrient-rich, fresh, local food.

Remember the days when dudes ate like no one cared and dieting was a girls-only activity? (Oh those late night fast food runs!) Now, there is a consistent move towards eating healthy — and it isn’t exclusive to women. The Atkins and Paleo diets of days gone by have been repackaged as Keto, and the boys are loving it. Maybe it’s because you can eat all the lechon you want? Whatever the reason, it’s a clear indication that men have become more conscious about their food choices and choosing to eat healthy is now officially gender neutral.

Photo: Unsplash - Sebastian Leon Prado
Photo: Unsplash – Sebastian Leon Prado

Creativity, self-expression, emotion, and vulnerability are no longer taboo.

Men finally caught on that showing emotion is very, very good for you. Not only does it make your relationships stronger, it lets you vent emotions that could get bottled for years. (Emotions are not like a fine wine, they do not get better with age.) Furthermore, guys are no longer expected to be objective, analytic, and stoic all the time, on the job or at home. Any guy reading this who hasn’t cried in over a year, just watch About Time and thank us later.

Guys are redefining what jobs are masculine. Read: any job they want!

We’ve come a long way from laughing at a man being a nurse in Meet The Parents. (Remember that movie? Well, just to make you feel old we’ll mention that it came out 18 years ago.) Ben Stiller might have actually done a great service for “murses” around the world. Male nannies aren’t as rare as they used to be too. Hey, no gender can resist the cuteness of a little baby, and they shouldn’t have to! Speaking of babies, in the Philippines, dads are entitled to 7 days of paid paternity leave, a nice step forward for gender role neutrality.

Photo: Unsplash - Patrick Coddou
Photo: Unsplash – Patrick Coddou

When it comes to guys and grooming, times have *seriously* changed.

Guys are taking care of themselves, and it shows. Chanel even took notice of men’s changing behavior and introduced its first ever men’s makeup line in 2018. Even if you’re reading this thinking, I haven’t jumped on the guyliner bandwagon yet! We’re pretty sure there’s a sachet or two of moisturizer or pomade in your medicine cabinet, at the very least. Health and wellness-conscious millennial men are all about artisanally produced water-based pomades. A little pricey, but what else will make those undercut fades look real neat?

Millennial men have entered a new era of self-confidence.

Confidence is key to getting things done and getting the most out of life. But one thing that stops men from being fully confident is dandruff. There’s nothing worse than white flakes when you’re under the spotlight, either in a meeting full of important executives or at a nice fancy dinner.

Activate your inner self-confidence with the nutrient-rich formulation from CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo that cools and refreshes the scalp and hair, and get full protection against the appearance of dandruff — with continuous use, of course. Well…if guys have the determination to get lean, wear whatever the hell they want, eat super healthy, and challenge gender stereotypes at work, then achieving dandruff-free scalp should be a cakewalk.

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