5 chocolate treats we’d love to receive this Valentine’s Day

Soy sauce KitKat

Sure, this is weird, but this flavor is reportedly the most popular flavor of KitKat in Japan. Besides, we can already somehow imagine how it would taste like (sweet and salty). And soy sauce isn’t even the weirdest KitKat flavor – they have miso, pounded soybean paste, and lemon vinegar – so, yeah, this should be nice.

Coconut M&Ms

The guys from M&M’s keep on surprising us (remember when they came out with the Peanut Butter or the Pretzel variants?) Now they have another unexpected variant: coconut. Can’t wait to try this tropical flavor because we’ve never seen a pack here in our shores.

Ferrero Garden

If you think Ferrero Rocher’s the bomb, wait till you get to taste the other flavors of Ferrero (yes, there are other flavors) under Ferrero Garden: coconut, lemon, forest fruits, pistachio, almond, and hazelnut. We rarely see them in the Philippines, so we’ll do anything for them.

Violet Crumble

These chocolate covered honeycomb toffee bars from Australia are addicting and reportedly no longer around, so we’d love to find some – and hoard boxes of it.

Dagoba Chai

If you love chai tea (we do, duh), then you’re sure to go bonkers over this chocolate bar from Dagoba. It has 37% cacao and has chai tea spices and crystallized ginger folded onto its milk chocolate. Chai is a rare presence in chocolate so we’re willing to shell out money for something like this.

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