Conquer your fear of heights, reward yourself with five-star meal at Dinner In The Sky Philippines

Dinner in the Sky Philippines takes off in Manila. PHOTO: Dinner in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky Philippines takes off in Manila. PHOTO: Dinner in the Sky

Have you ever dared to conquer your fears in exchange for a five-star meal? Now’s your chance.

Dinner In The Sky (DITS) is now in Manila and it’s taking foodie adventures to greater heights.

Philippine-based concert promoter MMI Live and DITS Asia brought the Belgium-based novelty restaurant to the Philippines on April 3, 2018. Since it started in 2006, DITS has been listed as one of the most unusual restaurants in the world. Dinner In The Sky takes diners to a unique dining experience 150 feet off the ground. Yes, that’s roughly 12 stories high.

Over 5,000 dinners later, it’s finally in the Philippines.

“The Philippines is the third country in Southeast Asia in which the Dinner In The Sky experience is taking place. We are especially excited about its launch, as Filipinos are known to be adventurous and fun-loving people. This experience will be a good boost to the country’s variety of culinary outlets, and both locals and tourists alike should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are also excited to work with our local Filipino partners, who share our vision in making the event an unforgettable one for everyone,” said Arvin Randahwa, CEO of DITS Asia.

PHOTO: Jasper Lucena / MMI Live

“Filipinos now are more receptive to new ideas, eager to try exciting concepts, aggressively chasing experiences they have seen and heard around the globe. The Philippines is ripe for the picking – to be a stop for a unique, world-class dining experience such as Dinner in the Sky… It’s about time that Filipinos experience the best in the world in our own shores… We deserve it,” shared MMI Live CEO Rhiza Pascua.

There are three DITS packages available: Economy Class (four courses), Business Class (five courses plus wine and champagne), and First Class (five courses plus free-flowing wine and champagne, oysters from Finestra, and signature chocolates from The Patisserie).

PHOTO: Jasper Lucena / MMI Live

The majestic view of the sunset over Manila Bay is only equaled by the mouthwatering food served up in the air. Every week, DITS Philippines features a different chef, giving diners a brand new experience every time.

The featured chefs are Hylton Le Roux of Solaire’s Waterside, Alan Marchetti, Norimasa Kosaka of Solaire’s Yakumi, Kenneth Cacho, the Director for Culinary Arts of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM), and for its last week, DITS Philippines is bringing Michelin-Star chef Yves Mattagne of Sea Grill from Brussels, Belgium. Those who are more health conscious would be delighted to know that they also offer a vegetarian menu.

For our DITS experience, we had the privilege of enjoying the menu by Alan Marchetti, executive chef of Solaire’s Italian restaurant Finestra.

Here’s what it’s like to have an hour-long dinner 150 feet above the ground:

Starter: Tuna Tartare
The unique dining experience starts with Tuna Tartare with Sesame Wafer and Black Ink Mayo. The tuna tartare was fresh and well seasoned, while the crisp wafer added some texture to the dish.

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Second Course: Mascarpone Ravioli with Duck Ragout
The second — and perhaps my favorite — course is Mascarpone Ravioli with Duck Ragout, Black Truffle, and house-made Salted Ricotta. Pure indulgence served 150 feet off the ground.

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Main Course: Top Blade
For the main course, I chose this beautifully tender Slow-cooked Snake River Farm Tob Blade with Shimenji, Pan-roasted Celeriac, and Broad Beans. My knife glided through the meat like a hot knife through butter. I almost licked my plate clean because the sauce was so good. The other option was Balsamic-marinated Black Cod.

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Dessert: Banoffee Pie in Chocolate Dome
To end our Dinner In The Sky experience, Chef Alan decided to turn the dessert course into a contest! We were served banoffee cake (lusciously sweet banana and caramel pie with a hint of bitterness in the toffee) inside a dark chocolate dome and a few elements like caramel popcorn, candied cashews, chocolate-covered rice crispies, and chocolate and caramel sauces. The best plated dessert gets to win drinks for two at Finestra.

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I may not have won the dessert contest, but honestly, that DITS dinner was one for the books.

Dinner In The Sky Philippines will be at The Esplanade at Solaire Resort and Casino in Parañaque City until May 21, 2018. Book your tickets at

Worried about your safety? Don’t be. The restaurant platform itself as well as the machinery used to hoist it up in the air are designed in Germany and built in Belgium. Plus DITS observes international safety measures — from guests wearing safety belts, crew secured by safety harnesses, and two safety officers present at all times during the flight. Diners are also given a briefing by a safety supervisor about all the safety regulations prior to the flight and will be in constant communication with crane operator and ground crew below.

Important Details:
– Diners must be 13 years old and above with a maximum weight of 150 kg.
– For guests under the age of 18, the presence and signature of a parent/guardian will be required for the indemnity form.
– All guests must sign the indemnity & waiver form upon registration.
– Arrive at least one hour before the dinner schedule.
– Make sure to take your bathroom break before boarding the platform!
– Avoid wearing slip-on footwear and skirts (it gets pretty windy up there).

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