Carinderia Crawl E13: Beef and chicken pita at Hijo D’Pita

On this episode of Carinderia Crawl, 49-year-old businessman Eric Cadavillo takes us to Hijo D’ Pita, one of many foodie start-up stalls at Z, a new dining spot in Bgy Teacher’s Village East.

Cadavillo, a former manager of Philippine baseball team Manila Sharks, orders chicken pita and beef pita—similar to the Mexican taco, except that instead of corn tortilla, here they use pita bread. 

“It’s worth a try because the flavors found in Philippine cuisine are limited, so when you try other cuisines, like Mexican, you get to taste other spices…like cumin,” he says.

(Disclaimer: Cadavillo is the landlord of Hijo d’Pita, but he is not the owner.)

WHAT ERIC ATE: Beef pita and chicken pita for 186 pesos.

WHAT ERIC THINKS: He preferred the beef pita because it was more flavorful, complemented by the rest of the ingredients like tomatoes, onions, pickles, corn and carrots. According to him, the pita bread does not distract his tastebuds because it has a neutral taste.

WORDS OF WISDOM: I travel to Lucban, Quezon, via bus every week to unwind and I believe that going to the province relieves you from work stress. It’s good to go out and relax, it is somehow a treat after working in the busy city.

Hiijo D’ Pita, 33A Malingap St, Bgy Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City; +63 915 8870977. Mon-Sat 12 pm-12am.
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