Downton Abbey actor lends voice to English version of Noli Me Tangere audiobook

Bloody cool, we say.

“British Richard E. Grant — who plays art expert Simon Bricker in Downton Abbey — was at the Philippine Embassy in London to launch an English language audiobook of classic Filipino novel, Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal,” reports Patrick Camara Ropeta on

The report noted: “Grant was tasked to narrate the Jose Rizal novel in a new audiobook, using a popular English translation from 1961 by Leon Maria Guerrero III, a former ambassador of the Philippines in the United Kingdom.”

Grant was quoted as saying, “I enjoyed reading the book enormously. I was so struck by the fact that it combined so many genres of being an absolute page turning thriller, in a sense, as well as history of the most incredible colonial social injustice. And then it’s livened by incredible humor, high comedy, and satire.”

Photo: Downton Abbey

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