Young elephant hit by vehicle, left to die on side of road by cowardly motorist

The young elephant left on the road, we’re sorry to start your Monday like this

A baby elephant was found in a pool of its own blood, dead on the side of the road of the Gerik-Jeli Highway near Ipoh. Drivers, this is a chilling reminder that regardless of the malls and concrete jungles in the cities, most of the country is an actual jungle. The kind that house elephants, tigers, tapirs and leopards, and when you’re driving, motorists should exercise extra caution.

Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks director Loo Kean Seong said state officers found the carcass at around 7am last Friday, and noted that the area had many signboards, warning that this stretch of road was particularly dense in wildlife.

“Drivers need to be more responsible,” he said.

He also clarified that the correct protocol for motorists who hit animals, is to report the incident so that the authorities can investigate, perhaps add extra precautions and warnings. Also, it would allow for the majestic animals to have a proper burial, as opposed to leaving it to die on the side of the road, like a discarded apple core.


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