Woman who chained her daughter to a lamppost issues public apology

The woman who admitted chaining her daughter to a lamppost at the Lagoon Perdana apartment last Wednesday has issued a public apology.

In a seven-minute video uploaded onto Facebook by user Siddhartha Kubason, the 30-year-old woman known as Lavanitha explained her decision to chain her eight-year-old daughter as well as to seek forgiveness from the public for her actions.

“I admit I chained my daughter to the pole. Every time after school she doesn’t come home so we have to go around looking for her. This has happened more than three times,” she said in the video in Tamil, as translated by The Star Online.

She said that everyone complained about her daughter’s stubborness and her serious discliplinary issues.

“Even the lady who provided transport services for her complained that she was very stubborn.  So I had no other choice, I have even locked her up at home,” she further said in the video.

Lavintha added that she thought punishing the girl publicly would be an effective method, but it had turned out to be a much bigger issue after several photos went viral online.

“It is supposed to be a small family matter but now everyone has misunderstood the issue and are talking about it, affecting the relationship between my daughter and me.

“To make matters worse, government officials are coming to investigate,” she said in the video.

She continued by saying that she’s currently out on bail and as a result of “third party interference”, her daughter was kept away from her.

“I admit my mistake and I apologise. Please do not exploit the issue further.”

Last Wednesday, Netizens were stunned when several pictures showing the primary schoolgirl’s right leg being chained and padlocked to a pole made its way onto Facebook.

The images have caused an uproar among Netizens, with many condemning the act and blaming the girl’s mother for resorting to such brutal measures to punish the child. 


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