Woman induced labor at home to abort baby, takes remains to police to report death

Image by Mattza via Flickr
Image by Mattza via Flickr

Terengganu area police were shocked when a woman in a frail state appeared at a police station with the remains of her recently aborted baby with her.

Already 20 weeks pregnant with the child of her former fiance, the woman alleges that he pressured her to seek an abortion. Procedures of this nature are not legally available in Malaysia, and will only be carried out by doctors if the mother’s health is in danger. Instead, the woman ordered ten abortion pills via Facebook, paying RM600 (US$144) for the lot. On Friday, the woman ingested two of the pills, put the remaining eight inside her vagina, and also began drinking large volumes of carbonated water.

New Straits Times writes that the woman was alone at the time of the incident, and began to feel intense pain after one hour of having taken the pills. At approximately 11pm that night, the woman entered into induced labor, and gave birth the a stillborn male fetus, weighing just over 300 grams.

Deciding the next morning to go to a nearby medical clinic after what we can only imagine was a traumatic night, the staff at the facility gave her the contact for funeral arrangements, but told the woman to “report” the death to police first. Along with the baby’s remains wrapped in a towel, and inside the carried basket of her bike, the woman rode to a Gong Badak police station and told the authorities what she had done. Appearing weak, and still in need of medical attention despite having visited a clinic, they sent her to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

It is unknown whether the woman was aware that her actions were criminal, and she is now being investigated for intentionally preventing the birth of a child, a conviction which could carry up to ten years in prison.

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