Video showing tigers mauling zoo keeper circulates on social media

A video showing two white tigers mauling a zookeeper was widely circulated on social media, causing quite a bit of confusion among Netizens.

The one-minute 40-second video, which started circulating on Facebook on Saturday, shows a man in a grey T-shirt carrying a yellow bucket and a broom walking up to the tigers and provoking them.

The two tigers then were seen pouncing on the man and dragging him around as he struggled to free himself.

The caption on the videos claimed that the incident happened at Sunway Lagoon on November 26.

Within a couple of hours, the video spread through Facebook like a wildfire.

However, before you call for the heads of the tigers ala Harambe the Gorilla, it turns out that the incident did not happen at Sunway Lagoon.

In fact, it did not even happen in Malaysia!

The Star Online reports that the incident took place at the Singapore Zoo back in November 2008 when the zoo cleaner, a 32-year-old Malaysian named Nordin Montong, leapt into the tiger enclosure in full view of shocked onlookers.

He was then mauled to death after he waded towards the tigers, puffed up his chest and raised his arms.

Nordin reportedly suffered 90 external injuries, including fractures of the skull, neck and ribs.

The news portal cited a report by SIngapore’s The Straits Times as saying that the incident was ruled a suicide by the state coroner in 2009.

So you see, kids; never trust everything you see on the internet.

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