[VIDEO] Man goes viral for second time this year with road rage captured on film

A Kuala Lumpur man has gone viral for a second time this year over yet another spirited outburst road rage. However, the man, Simren Singh, tells The Sun that his side of the story is never shown in the YouTube uploads. While he admits to using “rude hand gestures,” he insists that neither incident was his fault.

Explaining the accident, he says that while driving along Jalan Genting Klang in Setapak, he was trying to merge into the right lane, when a man in another vehicle hit his car.

Ima have to stop you right there, Simren. If you’re merging into the right lane, it’s your responsibility to proceed only if the lane is clear, no matter if the other person is being rude and not yielding. That being said, go on.

After the two cars collided, they both pulled over to the side of the road, and it was then that Simren claims the elderly man began hurling racist insults at him. The situation quickly escalated, and the two fighting men were then surrounded by a group of helmet-wearing youth. One of the other bystanders filmed the incident and uploaded it to YouTube.

Simren decided then to leave the scene, as he felt unsafe, and in doing so promptly rear-ended the other man’s vehicle. Yikes. He has since made a police report, though the other gentleman has yet to file on his end.

This is Singh’s second incident of the year, having found earlier online infamy after another video was uploaded of his reaction to an accident.  Noticing a trend?

He claims that the video failed to show that the woman had previously rear-ended him, and tried to flee the scene. He then gave chase and prevented her “from escaping.” He says that her passenger, “who is a foreigner” (and?) recorded only their side, villifying him in the process.

He then justified that if he was a road bully he “could have used a weapon, or anything to threaten her,” but didn’t.

Dear Simren,

There is no prize for not using a weapon. Maybe you should try using Uber for a bit.

Many thanks,

The collective driving citizens of Malaysia.

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