[VIDEO] Machete-wielding man storms through restaurant filled with customers

Taken from video shot of the incident

Twenty late-night restaurant goers in Parit Buntar, Perak, got more than they ordered when a machete-wielding man had a breakdown outside the mamak.

One witness, Ismaily Abd Latif, 32, told The Sun that at around 1:40am yesterday, he and friends who were having a drink outside heard a commotion and screaming from inside the restaurant. Moments later, a shirtless man, holding a parang and wearing shorts went on “a rampage” inside.

Most of the restaurant customers and workers had vacated the premises when they saw the man. However, some stayed back trying to calm him. This only enraged him more, and caused him to menacingly point the machete at those near him.

He later barricaded himself behind overturned tables and chairs, before police, with help from members of the public, were able to subdue the man.

Rashid Khan, the restaurant owner, claimed that his business had suffered losses of RM15,000 (US$3,600) due to the dinner disrupting incident.

Wait what?!

While this man is clearly unwell, and we hope he receives help, Mr Khan, we have no idea what kind of mamak has a RM15K turnover nightly, but we’d love to know more. Email us.

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