[VIDEO] After failed rescue, man in viral flood video feared drowned

Chilling still from the video

Fears are at a fever pitch that the man seen struggling in a video that went viral of a flash flood near KL has died. The flood took place after heavy rains Saturday hit the Hulu Langat area, just outside the city.

He has been identified as 23-year old Taufik Alias, who was desperately trying to find his footing while on his drowned motorcycle. In the video, members of the public can be heard crying out, looking on in disbelief.

A brave gentleman in a black shirt wadded into the rushing waters to help the victim, but could not grasp his hand in time. He is then seen floating downstream, his helmet coming off in his struggle to stay afloat.

The Fire Department was called at 3:50pm over the incident, and are still searching for the man. More than a hundred were evacuated following the flooding.

Officials reiterate that individuals should never attempt to cross a flooded area on foot or via vehicle, waters can be deeper than they appear and rushing water can easily carry you away. Stay calm, and if you are swept away, abandon your vehicle, keep your feet pointed downstream, and go over obstacles rather than under them. The best suggestion is really, to avoid the area all-together.

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