[VIDEO] All hail the mighty coconut(job): Raja Bomoh tackles Malaysia’s haze with ice magic

There he goes again.

When he turned up with his entourage (and several coconuts, an oar, and other mystic accoutrements) in KLIA last year, seeking to find Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, self-described Raja Bomoh 1Malaysia Ibrahim Mat Zin was nearly laughed out of town. 

Early last month, he said he was vindicated when possible MH370 wreckage was found on Reunion Island, close to where he claimed the plane would have crashed. 

Now, everyone’s favourite (?) bomoh and headline-grabbing loon is coming to the country’s aid once again, this time to combat the regional haze choking Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Is he using coconuts again? Nope. Try a block of ice and a wok. But of course.

Here’s a video of him performing the magic prayer ritual using his latest collection of seemingly unrelated props, while a group of prety bewildered supporters (and an umbrella-wielding aide) looks on:



Laught all you want, but at least he’s not trying to ram his way through a police barricade to march through Petaling Street. So at least there’s that?

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