UMNO supreme councillor: attack on PM Najib is part of an anti-Muslim conspiracy

A member of UMNO’s Supreme Council voiced his suspicion yesterday that the allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Prime Minister Najib Razak are in fact part of a conspiracy to weaken Malaysia’s Muslim community.

Supreme Councillor Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin from Pahang told Utusan Malaysia that those who wished to attack Malaysia’s Muslims would target UMNO first, comparing the scenario to national governments falling during the 2011 Arab Spring revolts.

“If they want to weaken Muslims in this country, they must weaken Umno considering the party has 89 parliamentary seats compared to PAS with just 21 seats,” he said.

“Now they are using foreign media to attack us, it is up to us to decide whose side we’re on. Some Malaysians might be happy with the upheaval, but remember that the Arab Spring caused all those countries to stumble, and they’re unstable to this day.”

Sharkar did not specify who “they” were.

He added that Malaysian Muslims be aware of the stakes behind the attacks on Najib, and urged them not to allow the country to be engulfed in turmoil. 

“In Malaysia, they’ve found that one way to destroy our leaders is to attack them personally, since their attempts to destroy the nation through policies did not work,” he said. 


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