Umno MP encourages crowd to bust through toll gates in lieu of payment

Remember when he “made” this nasi goreng? via Twitter
Remember when he “made” this nasi goreng? via Twitter

Umno MP Ahmad Maslan has a novel solution for all of those citizens who were waiting with bated breath for the Pakatan Harapan government to abolish road tolls: “Anywhere: Drive through the boom barrier.”

His declaration came after crowd of 50 voters at a recent rally expressed unhappiness at the fact that the government failed to keep their end of their pre-victory promise.

According to Malaysiakini, the representative encouraged in what is ostensibly, an illegal action:

“They said they want to stop toll collection. Did they? I hope there are those among us who are brave. Ram through the tollgate.”

However, Maslan seems to be aware that having citizens run their cars through toll gates might have undesired effects, among them [Ed. Note: Obviously], arrest.

In that case, don’t look for him, because that one is on you, fam.

“How will you do it? [Ed. Note: Don’t] You have to figure that out. [Ed. Note: Save yourself the grief!] If anything happens, you might be arrested and brought to court. [Ed. Note: Duh]”




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