Thirteen-year-old boy loses all fingers and thumb in festive firecracker accident

A teenage boy in the eastern state of Terengganu lost all five fingers on his right hand over the public holiday weekend in a firecracker related accident.

Officials in Kampung Kubang Ikan, near Besut, reported that the 13-year-old boy was playing with the pyrotechnics outside at around 5:30pm when the incident occurred. Some of the firecrackers exploded in his hand, and resulted in severe damage to his wrist, and the loss of all fingers and thumb on his hand.

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The incident occurred when the boy’s mother was inside the family home, with her hearing screams immediately after the explosion occurred. Another family member then came to tell her that her son was involved in the accident, and they took the boy to the nearest hospital for treatment.

via Utusan/Facebook
via Utusan/Facebook

It is the first case of firecracker-related injuries in the area this festive season.

Fireworks have been classified as explosive devices in Malaysia since 1955, and those caught setting them off illegally are subject to a hefty fine of RM100 (US$25), and/or a month in prison.

RM100 is something you’ll make back in your duit Raya? Easy there, Firestarter. There’s also another law prohibiting their use under the Explosives Act 1957, that includes fireworks and fog signals (sorry, ravers) on their list of banned devices. This carries a sterner prison sentence of 5 years, and/or a RM10,000 (US$2,500) fine. Or both!

Wait, are you making them illegally? First of all, this sounds like a terrible idea. Second, you can add another 7 years prison term to that charge, plus another RM10,000 fine.

And finally, did you set off a firework and damage something? Like a nearby car? Your neighbor’s house? Or heaven-forbid, hurt someone? Seven years imprisonment awaits, and/or RM10,0000. Or both! Again!

Happy Boom fireworks, is one of only two permitted varieties. The others are your childhood favorites Pop-pop. Both of these brands of fireworks are of the lo-fi, snap, crackle and pop variety, and are the only ones sanctioned under Malaysian law.

TL;DR – unless it’s Happy Boom or Pop-pop, it’s illegal. People get seriously hurt every year, losing limbs and eyes, so please think long and hard about your life choices.

Lecture over – Selamat Hari Raya, y’all.


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