Thai police seize 14 million meth pills on their way to Malaysia

Representational pills, y’all
Representational pills, y’all

One of Thailand’s largest drug seizures occurred earlier this week, with police there reporting that the 14 million – yes 14 million – pills their busted were bound for Malaysia.

Three Thai nationals have been arrested after the haul of orange pills, known locally as yaba was found north of Bangkok in Ayutthaya province August 18.

Reuters is reporting that the drugs originated in Myanmar, in the northeast Shan state that is currently under the control of an ethnic Wa militia.

While you may be wondering just how thirsty Malaysians are for meth, rest (mildly) assured that officials believe that we were just a transit point to take the pills to other markets in Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea.

Pretty much an entire season of Border Security and Locked Up Abroad, right there.

A United Nations commission on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has said that meth trafficking in Southeast Asia has reached an all-time high, with countries in the region experiencing record busts. Fingers have pointed to Myanmar, and in particular the lawless Shan state, where opium and heroin production have been rampant for years.

Recently, syndicates have branched out, and made meth part of their new business model.

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