Stay in your lane: Malaysian roads ranked 12th worst in the world 

Photo by Sham Hardy/Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Sham Hardy/Wikimedia Commons

Malaysia’s Roti Canai was recently awarded the best street food in the world, but on the flip side, its streets have been ranked the twelfth worst roads in the world by drivers’ education firm Zutobi.

Guess you win some you lose some huh? 

According to the company’s statistics, Malaysia has the second-highest rate of road fatalities at 22.76 per 100,000 people, and road quality has dropped by more than 5% over the previous five years.

“More than 22 road traffic fatalities per 100,000 have occurred on Malaysia’s highways, only the second highest number of road traffic deaths in the world after Saudi Arabia,” the study read.

The nation with the worst roads in the world is Kuwait, followed by Costa Rica, Georgia, Panama, and New Zealand.

Regarding road fatalities per 100,000 persons, Kuwait ranked third with about 19 deaths.

Based on four factors – road condition, increases in road quality, traffic fatalities, and the relative size of the road network – the research, which examined 59 nations, awarded Malaysia an overall safety score of 3.32 out of 10.

At 1.69 per 100,000, Singapore achieved the greatest overall score and the fewest road fatalities.

Along with Thailand, India, Argentina, the US, and South Africa, Malaysia was listed as one of the ten most hazardous places to drive in a separate Zutobi survey released in May.

Malaysia, one of the nations with the most lenient legal blood alcohol concentration limits for drivers (0.08%), nevertheless, had the lowest rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, at just 0.1%.

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