Rude! Local restaurant accused of fat-shaming customer who asked to hold the whipped cream

One man’s trip to a popular local restaurant for a little bit of kek and a sweet drink ended up leaving a bitter taste in his mouth when he noticed that the servers had labeled his receipt with a rather nasty remark.

Nazly Rosli visited an outlet of the popular restaurant chain Secret Recipe in the Wangsa Maju neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur earlier this month and asked them to hold the whipped cream on his iced chocolate beverage.

Instead of just noting the request, one of the servers appears to have keyed in “gemuk tak nak cream,” which loosely translates to “the fat one does not want cream” — a message that ended up appearing on the customer’s receipt, and subsequently on Facebook, in a post that has since gone viral.

Rude! We guess that’s one way to get your customer’s attention — and, y’know, to out yourselves as insensitive pricks dedicated to keep middle school-era fat-shaming protocols alive and well.

Secret Recipe Malaysia pls advise your staff not to key in unnecessary remark when taking customer's order. I asked for…

Posted by Nazly Rosli on Saturday, February 1, 2020

“I asked for no whipped cream for the ice chocolate [and it] turned out that the order was entered as ‘gemuk tak nak cream’. I wonder if this was directed at me or the employee who made the drink,” Nazly wrote in his post.

“Furthermore, [some of the staff] were chatting loudly about how the drinks made by their colleague could literally ‘potong kaki’ [cut your leg off],” he added, an apparent jape about diabetes-related amputations (classy!). “Fortunately, I was amused, instead of angry.”

“Just imagine if one of your fussy customers had this printed on their receipts? It is okay to be happy at work, but please be professional.”

In the comments section, Nazly clarified that he had not noticed the comment when he was at the restaurant, but only later when he was clearing his pockets at home.

He has since reposted his complaint directly to Secret Recipe’s social media page, and is awaiting a response from the chain.

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