Ride from hell: Woman claims Grab driver flashed his genitals at her

What was supposed to be a simple trip to a mall turned into a nightmare for a woman after the driver allegedly sexually harassed her by flashing his genitals at her.

The woman, who goes by the name of @evonne127 on Twitter, related her terrifying ordeal in a series of tweets last Saturday.

According to a report by Malay Mail Online, she had booked a ride using GrabHitch — a carpooling system by popular ride-sharing app Grab — and when she got into the car, she got a “creepy vibe” from the driver.

She sensed something was amiss when the driver, who was reportedly wearing a singlet and a pair of running shorts, kept talking to her and asking her personal questions.

And when they got onto the highway, that was when the driver allegedly flashed her.

“As we’re getting on the highway, i look over and this dude had his d*** out. I was like WTF IS HAPPENING? At this point I’m panicking,” @evonne127 wrote.

She claimed that the driver then kept catcalling and “whistling” at her, but she ignored him by pretending to look at her phone.

“Thank god I had my keys with me and I was holding them in my hands and I just ignored him. I wanted to get out of the car so badly.

“He kept asking me really personal sh** and at this point I just shrugged and pretended like nothing was happening i was so ready to stab him,” she wrote.

Photo: Twitter/evonne127

Once she arrived at the mall, she immediately got out of the vehicle and called Grab to lodge an official complaint.

However, she was reportedly told by a Grab representative to e-mail their customer service as the rep “did not know what to do”.

“Also, @GrabMY lol i hope you guys do something about this, because I’ve had enough of this bulls*** and I am tired of these things happening,” @evonne127 said in another tweet.

Photo: Twitter/evonne127

Meanwhile, The Star Online reported that Grab confirmed @evonne127’s account of the event and had reportedly removed the driver from their platform.

“We do not condone such acts and we have removed the driver off the platform,” Grab said on Twitter, adding that they are already in touch with @evonne127 to rectify the matter:

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