This poor ‘Pokémon Uncle’ needs your help, Malaysians!

If you drive pass the HSBC branch located in Damansara Uptown, chances are you’ll see an elderly man camped outside of the bank, surrounded by a huge pile of plush toys.

That is Uncle David, a cancer-stricken man who’s selling soft toys just to make ends meet.

The 65-year-old man has been selling plush toys in front of the bank for more than a year now. 

Despite being diagnosed with leukaemia in March 2015 and was told he has only six months to live, Uncle David continued to work hard to put food on the table.

Every day, Uncle David would take three trains and two buses to make his way from his house in Cheras to Damansara Utama to sell the plush toys for only RM10 each. 

His plight came to light when a Facebook user named Domo Sam uploaded a photo on his Facebook page earlier this month, urging Pokémon fans to help Uncle David out by buying the plush toys:

“Those who like playing Pokémon Go, don’t waste your time playing that game.

“Come to the HSBC Bank at Uptown PJ and find this uncle who sells Pokémon dolls for RM10 each. Donate to him as he has cancer, and you can get your beloved Pokémon too,” Domo wrote in Chinese.

Since the post went viral, Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily (as translated by The Star Online) reported that Uncle David has seen his business increase threefold. 

According to an article by SAYS, Uncle David had trouble selling 50 plush toys a week, but after the post went viral, he easily sells off 300 plush toys in just a matter of hours every day.

Caring Malaysians from as far Klang and Shah Alam would make the trip to Damansara Uptown just to buy the plush toys from Uncle David.

According to the news portal, Uncle David would always reject cash donations from his customers. Instead, he insists that they buy the toys and donate them to make someone happy. 

“Some people don’t buy but they still come up to me and say, ‘Uncle, how are you?’. That means they still care.

Some also come up to me and say, ‘Uncle, I’m sorry I cannot help you because I lost my job.’ People are facing their own difficulties. We thank God we still got something to do,” he was quoted by SAYS as saying.

Photo: SAYS

However, just as Uncle David was beginning to have a stable stream of income, an impulsive buyer decided to ruin everything. 

On Monday, a Netizen posted a rather heartbreaking image of Uncle David surrounded by a huge pile of plush toys on his Facebook page.

According to the Netizen, an irresponsible asshole man allegedly ordered 250 Pokémon plush toys from Uncle David, but he failed to show up to collect the order.

“Now uncle David’s hard earned money is stuck with the stock. Please share and help out this poor Uncle David,” the Netizen wrote in the posting.

Photo: Screenshot from Facebook

The image has since been widely circulated on social media, with Netizens collectively slamming the buyer for putting Uncle David in a tough spot.

So, if you want to help Uncle David out, head on over to the HSBC Bank in Damansara Uptown from 11am onwards.

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not stock up on plush toys and help Uncle David out at the same time? 


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