Out of the Frying Pan: Ahmad Maslan tweets by-election fried rice recipe, denies tax evasion charges

Ahmad Maslan, Johor MP and UMNO’s resident foolhardy foodie, is back at it again with a new recipe. (He’s also out on bail, and facing some corruption charges, but first things first.)

The former information chief for UMNO — the party of ex-PM Najib — took to Twitter today to dish up his latest creation, a fried rice inspired by BN’s by-election win in Kimanis, Sabah, utilizing blue-eyed anchovies he procured in the Borneo state over the weekend.


“Before heading to court 21/1/20 to plead not guilty. I cooked for myself a breakfast of fried rice with Kimanis anchovies ‘blue eyes’ bought during #PRKKimanis,” he tweeted.

“Add eggs, shallots, green chili, vegetable, chili sauce, a little bit of salt, cooking palm oil. Plain water to drink.”

Never forget.
Never forget.

Honestly, considering the food abominations we know the MP is capable of (this is the man who once chucked some strawberries into another much-publicised fried rice, in what looked like some kind of Dantean punishment for people who won’t shut up about “fusion” cuisine) we’re actually on board with this one.

Ahmad Maslan’s UMNO party is riding high, meanwhile, having won their fifth by-election, a development that some observers have interpreted as a general dissatisfaction with the ruling Pakatan Harapan government. Mohamad Alamin won the seat in Sabah, handily beating his Warisan party opponent.

Now, about them charges! Ahmad, along with the former chairman of the land agency Felda, Shahrir Samad, has been accused of money laundering by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission. Yesterday, both he and Shahrir turned themselves into MACC’s Putrajaya office to deny accusations of failing to declare income to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) during the Najib administration. Ahmad is also accused of giving a false statement on to MACC officials on the matter.

Both have plead not guilty, and bail was set at RM500,000 for Ahamad and RM350,000 for Shahrir, along with one surety each, and they have both surrendered their passports to the courts.

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