Netizens are absolutely in love with this sweet AirAsia staff (and her act of kindness)

Once in awhile, you’ll meet or hear about someone who would restore your faith in humanity.

This sweet AirAsia staff is one of them.

This past week, social media was abuzz with the story of how an AirAsia staff named Saleha went out of her way to help a passenger.

A Facebook user who goes by the name of Lionel Tan on Tuesday posted about his encounter with Saleha on the social media site.

Here’s the story: last Friday, Lionel was denied entry to the departure hall at klia2 as he was carrying his backpack using a foldable shopping trolley due to a back injury. 

As he was protesting, saying how he got onto flights without a hitch prior to this, he was referred to Saleha, who confirmed that the trolley was not allowed in the departure hall as it was made of metal.

“I had to go get it wrapped and check it in. With half an hour to boarding time, I did not think I would make it and continued to protest,” Lionel wrote.

That was when Saleha took matters into her own hands.

According to Lionel, Saleha offered to take his trolley for safekeeping and would return it to him when he touches down on Monday as she did not want him to miss his flight.

After taking down her number and thanking her, Lionel rushed to the boarding gate and managed to catch the flight.

“While waiting to board my return flight on Monday night from Miri, I contacted Saleha to ask if she was at work already. She said she had to start at 3am, but she would bring the trolley for me,” he said in the post.

When he touched down on Monday night, Saleha was waiting for him at the arrival hall with his trolley – just like she promised.

Lionel then offered to compensate her for fuel and for her trouble, but she politely turned it down.

“She said it was no trouble as she lived nearby and it was only a short drive,” Lionel said in the post.

Touched by her actions, Lionel then wrote a note directed at AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes.

“What do you do with a girl like Saleha, Tony Fernandes? She’s just been on the job 2 weeks, so it’s not Air Asia’s training. 

“You take special care of her, and groom her for greater things, because she’s a rare gem. You give her the recognition she deserves and make her a role model.

“You write to her parents to congratulate them for doing a fine job of bringing up the girl. You give her “Outstanding” in her performance rating.

“She’s a star. She’s the future of Air Asia,” he wrote.

Lionel’s post has since gone viral on Facebook, with Netizens praising Saleha for going out of her way to help a stranger:



Well done, Saleha. You did a mighty fine job :’) 

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