Muhyiddin/Mahiaddin ends week of political whirlwind with birthday wish to king

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s birthday greeting to Malaysia’s king. Photo: Muhyiddin Yassin/Twitter
Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s birthday greeting to Malaysia’s king. Photo: Muhyiddin Yassin/Twitter

After a week of pissing the king off for revoking emergency powers without royal approval, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin shared a birthday wish to the king.

Muhyiddin, whose real name is actually Mahiaddin, today wished Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah on his 62nd birthday with a post in Malay royal language. Considering that he is also facing pressure to resign, that online greeting didn’t look too good in front of Malaysians. 

Was he trying to get back into the king’s good books? That was just one of many speculations. 

“May Allah bless His Majesty’s reign,” the greeting said. The prime minister signed off with his moniker instead of his legal name. 

“PM Derhaka throwing the Tuanku under [the] bus and now coming out to say this….” someone known only as Nick wrote online, referring to the Malay word for rebellious. Some asked whether the prime minister was going to resign while others thought that Muhyiddin’s post sounded like he was trolling the king.

Due to legal requirements, the prime minister is only allowed to sign official statements with his birth name. But he didn’t do this time around, and that got some Malaysians talking as well. 

“Name wrongly spelt. All official statements must be Mahiaddin,” one said, while another chimed in:  “Suddenly Muhyiddin, a while later Mahiaddin. Which one. It was said the other day for official documents use Mahiaddin. This is written [by] Muhyiddin.”

The prime minister’s office released a statement yesterday insisting that the government’s revocation of the emergency ordinances was done in accordance with the law. The response was released after the king refuted Law Minister Takiyaddin’s Parliament statement, saying that no royal assent was given before the powers were revoked. 

Muhyiddin’s office said that cabinet ministers had decided on July 21 to advise the Agong against extending the state of emergency and to revoke all emergency ordinances. The ordinances were backdated to July 21. 

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