Man who rescued five puppies from the rain is now an Internet hero

Netizens showered a Good Samaritan with praises after a video of him rescuing five newborn puppies from the rain went viral on social media.

According to a report by Harian Metro, as translated by The Star Online, 35-year-old Kamarul Arifin Ab Razak saw the puppies’ mother in distress as she tried very hard to rescue her puppies from inside a drain in Pandan Indah.

Unable to stand the heartwrenching sight, Kamarul decided to brave the rain and rescue the puppies.

At first, the protective mother tried to attack Kamarul, but with the help of several passers-by, they managed to rescue the puppies from the drain.

“It was heart breaking to see the puppies wet and cold, and they could have drowned as the drain water was flowing rapidly after heavy rain,” he was quoted as saying.

Kamarul then took a video and several pictures of the puppies and uploaded it onto his Facebook page, hoping for some kind soul to adopt the pups.

Kamarul’s post, which was re-posted on the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue Facebook page, has since gone viral on the social media site, having been shared more than 1,300 times:

After the post went viral, Netizens were quick to praise Kamarul for going out of his way to rescue the poor puppies.

Despite the praises, Kamarul told the Malay daily that he was just doing his part to help the puppies.

“I only did what any other people would do. I did not think that it would go viral,” he was further quoted as saying.

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