Malaysian star busted with 14 grams of meth nestled in bum

The long arm of the law will always catch up with you, and when it does, can reach into some interesting places.

Customs officers at Medan, Indonesia’s Kualanamu International Airport on Tuesday arrested popular Malaysian ’90s actor Khaeryll Benjamin Ibrahim, better known as Benjy, and after what we can only imagine was a very thorough search, found 14 grams of syabu, a form of methamphetamine, packed inside his anus.

This isn’t the first drug-related brush with the law for Benjamin, who narrowly escaped prosecution in 2015 for meth possession and was previously pinched in 2010 for allegedly producing and supplying drugs out of his apartment. In both previous cases, he was able to avoid prison.

A quick read over at will tell you that, though commonly thought to be a fool-proof method of transportation of illegal substances, the drugs-up-the-anus method is no guarantee of success, and a well-trained sniffer dog will be alerted. Then there’s the fact it’s incredibly dangerous, and also quite disgusting.

When asked what he was doing with the illicit substances, police claim Benjy confessed to bringing the drugs over to share with a friend, a DJ in the city.

The world tends to be unkind to former child-stars. The kid from the Sixth Sense stopped being cute. Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong looks akin to a dehydrated human ashtray. Not even the hijab can save Lindsay Lohan. But at least none of them have been caught with meth up their bums.

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